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Hi my name is Jim and i be a slave to Miss Watson. She is a very crule and christain women who has a bone to pick with hukleberry Finn. And just the night before last Hukelberry crept to my door and asked to see my magic hairball that would tell him the future. I had asked the child for what reason. and he just said it was about his pa so i let him see it for one bit. When i let him see it he would ask about his pa and i had told him what the hairball had said. It had told him to stay out of the water and to pritty much watch out for his pap.

Just the night night before last i reckon i heard Miss Watson talking the Widow Duglas about tradeing me to a slave trader for $800.00. I reckon I remember her and the Widow telling the slaves that they gave their word to not trade us. And I reckon that she is going back on her word. So dis is what i had done i ran away as far as my will and soul would let me. And i knows that i would be safe from them witches cause they cant cross no water or they would drown cause them tricky witches cant swim. when i woke up on the land i was frozen in fear by the sight of hucks ghost. I had begged hucks ghost to get back into the water and leave me alone cause i had caused him no harm. But he said he wasnt a ghost and that he was alive and real he just wanted to get away so he faked the whole thing. Then i told Huck about how I ran away as well and i made him promice that he wasnt gonna go tell anybody.

Now that I gots Huck with me it makes me feel a wholes lots better to know that im not alone and those there witches wont be able to get me now that i have someone watching my backside. While we was on the island we found a cave to stay in so I be spreading around bunches of cornmeal to fend off witches cause they hate messes and if they come across this they are going to have to clean it all up before they can do anything to Huck or me. And whiles we were on the river we found a flooded over brothel so we went inside and I found a dead man but when I saw his face it had turned out to be Hucks pap. Now I didn't want to upset Huck by telling him the half naked man that was lieing there dead was his pap so I told him not to look because his face was all messed up from the water. We had got some girls dresses blankets quilts and such and got the heck out of there it was to upsetting to be there.

After getting away from that terrible place Huck wanted to go into town and hear what all of the new news is in town. And now that Huck wants to do something he wont stop that there child never stops. So he put a dress on and went to town and i had no idea what that kid was doing over yonder but it sure was taking him along time. So in the rest of the sun lit day I covered the raft that we found with tree branches to hide it from any ships that would happen to sail by so they couldn't see that Huck and I was there. It was like witches magic working for Huck and I. After a good amout of sunlight passing huck came back to the island and starts to scream saying that we had to go and we must be in a hurry cause that here women he was talking to said her son is gonna be commin to the island to come find us saying we was here because she say smoke comming from the island.

While we was on the run again we found a Duke and a King now these two were sounding like the real deal but did not match the look of what a duke or king would look like so Huck and I had taken them along on our raft. They said that they was actors and would make money off of it but they wasnt no good and when they would leave at night to go to town they would tie me up and leave me with the raft. Huck did escape from them once or twice but was never fast enough and they always cought him but like Huck would do he found a way to squorm out of it and we would be on our way. Then this one time they all left me and the King and Duke came back with a slave trader and took me away now I knew I would be in trouble being a run away slave and all. But once again Huck found me and I was rescued but this time we had recent news that Miss. Watson had passed and she had set me free as her last gift. That there proves that she can be a very nice lady. Now I can work as a free man and be able to buy my family and we can live together forever in our happy lives.