Huck Finn
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Summary: In the Book Huckelberry Finn the main character Huckelberry(Huck) lives with a religous women named Widow Douglas she tries to constantly civilize him but Huck refuses to follow her ways. Then Hucks evil father returns and kidnapps him to "take back what belongs to him." Even though his father is completely incapeable of taking care of Huck. So he fackes his own death to escape the beating of his father and the civilization of society and runs into some friends and and some enemies along the way but this is one adventure Huck will always remember.

Likes:I liked the way the adventure was in the book Huck always found something to do or some where to go. I also liked how everytime Huck went somewhere he would always get in trouble and some how he would always be able to get out of it by lieing.

DIslikes: The dislikes about the book were the king and the duke they were so stupid and how Huck is the king at making up stupid stuff i don't know how he didn't see right through thoes two bumbling idiots.