Inherit The Wind Summary In the book a man named Bert Cates is put on trial for teaching the theory of evolution to his studients. Bert claims he has done nothing wrong and just tought from the book. The whole town has turned on him except for one person, Rachel Brown. Not only is she Berts girlfriend but is also the revends daughter. Bert must now stand trial for what he has done and is being proceuted by Mathew Harrison Brady a very famous lawer who also needs Mrs. Brady to be there for him all the time. In this book there is passion, dipare, critisisim and much more. Likes and dislikes One thing i liked about this book was how differant charicters reacted to Bert Cates. Such as Rachel feeling sorry for him but her own father wanting god to smite him for his wrong doings. Or the determination the lawers had in the court room. For example Drummond had no witnesses so he put Brady on the stand to cross examine him which took some guts. The dislikes i had for the book was the part about ceation the book was fairly good but i dont like reading about the whole god thing so that was the only turn off i had about the book. What can we learn from reading this book We have learned that everyone has a right to their own opinon and we cant just take it away over some stupid thought that some others think a higher being made us or some thinks time and adaptation had caused the apperance of man.