In the book Of Mice and Men two friends travel to a ranch in Salinas Valley in California. This is only after they have to pack up their bags quickly and leave the town of Weed because of Lennies obsession to touch soft things he scares a women who was wearing a nice soft red dress. The two main charicters are George Milton and Lennie Small. Now George is a little guy who is able to think very quick on his feet. George having the smarts to be able to do this comes in handy because he always has to cover for Lennie. Lennie has a disability so he cannot function like everyone else but more twords a 12-15 year old but that doesn't stop Lennie, he is a big guy and he knows that him and george will be together for a lifetime. And with their dream to own their own land and Lennie able to tend to the rabbits is all they need.
Likes and Dislikes
Of Mice and Men was far by the most interesting book i had ever read. I liked the whole book there was an antagonists and a protagonist such as Curley being the antagonist and Lennie and George taking the role of the protagonist. The whole thing about Lennie and Georges dream to own their own ranch and it only being a dream till candy helps them realize that it can be reality. But the one thing i liked the most out of this book was the courage that came out of george in the end of the book when he had to shoot Lennie in the back of the head because Lennie had killed Curleys wife. To be able to kill your best friend point blank showed major courage in George because if George didn't kill Lennie then the other ranch hands would have done much worse to Lennie.
There were no dislikes i had about the book but there was one part that did upset me. It was at the end when George shot his best friend in the head. It must have been hard to do such a dasterdly thing to a friend. There could be no way I could ever do something like that. When you get to know you best friend as well as george and Lennie knew eachother then its more like the two are not individuals but more as one person. When George shot Lennie he shot a part of himself along with Lennie.
What can we learn form this book.
We can learn that a friendship is strongest when you know that your friend has your back they have yours. For example when George told Lennie if he got into any trouble at the ranch to hid in the brush he is trying to protect Lennie because he knows Lennie will most likely get in trouble. Also a dream does not only have to be a dream but it can become reality if you want it bad enough. When Candy helps George realize that the ranch isn't just a dream he has to keep telling Lennie but it now can be real and he then has hope untill Lennie Kills Curley's wife.