Tuesdays With Morrie
By Mitch Albom

Journal Response 1: During the seventeen years of my life I am greatful for many things. In my life I have come to realize that all I have is taken for granted. My homes my car, Ipod and even my school I have these things and others don't. I have a roof over my head and a family that takes care of me and loves me. I am greatful for the life I lead and the friends I have gathered along the way. I am greatful for my grandparents who have brought me into their house and helped raise me. I am greatful for my father who has tought me well and never tries to give up on me even if that means when I dont want to be near anyone. I am greatful for the life I live because some people in the world don't have a car or a house or even a loving and caring family like I do.

Journal Response 2: My three favorite parts of the book are when Morrie talks about being young is not all cracked up to how it is up to. Also when Morrie says hi famous quote "In order to know how to live you must first learn how to die." Finally Morrie saying that he had his time to live and now its his time to die. When Morrie says that being young is not all cracked up to what it is inspires me to think about life because Morrie states that all young people are ignorant and it is true. I learn from Morrie that we must not act like we know everything but keep our minds open. When Morrie uses his quote in the book he is telling us to fully expieriance the wonders of life and don't worry that you will die but know that it's going to happen so live life like you will die everyday. It shocked me to read the Morrie said that he does not wish to be young again but he has already lived his life and doesn't want to change the fact he is going to die. I normally hear older people say that they want to be younger and live another life but with Morrie he will be alright. He is ok with dieing.

Journal Response 3: In ten years I will be fresh out of the United States Naval Academy (USNA) and I will be The U.S. Fleet Admeral and have my own aircraft carrier.But if i cannot grab that dream of being Fleet Admeral then I will go into the medical corps. I will be a well disciplined soilder and a strong human being. The primary objective for me is to get into the USNA and from there my life plans itself out with differant rodes and then it is my choice to take a differant rode and lead my own life and shape my own future.

Journal Response 4: English 10 should still read Tuesdays with Morrie. This book is a well structured and can teach the future students of the tenth grade class. Morrie teaches us through his words that dieing is just a way of life and there is nothing to be scared of. He has tought us to live life to its fullest and not to look back in the past. Morrie has also tought us that before we act we must think about our actions and not be so ignorant. We must be the best we can be more wise if we open up our eyes and look at the big picture. Morrie has tought us that we are not living untill we are dieing and this means that we do not know how to live out life to the fullest untill we are on our death bed.

Journal Response 5:If I had the opportunity to ask someone anything you wanted about LIFE and all its oddities/pleasures,
Life: I choose this topic because when someone answers about life they answer the way how they think about life.